The workshop PAPERS can be downloaded from the AGENDA page.

The following are some additional resources that provide a background to the discussions at the SCORAI workshop:

The Story of Stuff:
Video on “The Story of Stuff” featuring Annie Leonard —  (21min 25sec)
other videos: The Story of Broke, The Story of Electronics, The Story of Cosmetics….
and resources for further understanding and action

Visualizing a Plenitude Economy:
Video featuring Juliet Schor — (4min 51sec)

Household Consumption and Social Change:
Arnold Tukker, Maurie J. Cohen, Klaus Hubacek,
and Oksana Mont (2010) The Impacts of Household Consumption and Options for Change. Journal of Industrial Ecology. Vol. 14. No. 1  (18 pages)

I’ll have what she’s having: Mapping Social Behaviour:
Mark Earls
and Alex Bentley explore how ideas, behaviour and culture spread through the simple means of doing what others do.
(RSA video – 16 min 41 sec)

Smart CSOs Lab
The Smart CSOs Lab fosters a growing learning network of civil society organisation (CSO) leaders, funders and researchers aiming to build effective CSO strategies for the
Great Transition to a sustainable society and economy.
Overview report downloadable here: SmartCSOs_Summary.

Prosperity Without Growth
Jackson, Tim, and Peter Victor. “Prosperity without growth is possible”. The Vancouver Sun. September 19, 2011 (1 page)
Tim Jackson on “An Economic Reality Check” (20min 23sec)
click here to watch the Ted talk

Herman Daly on “Limits to Growth: Forty More Years?”

The Circular Economy:
Video on “Re-thinking progress: The circular economy” — (3min 48sec)

Industrial Ecology:
Video on Kalundborg, the Danish industrial symbiosis initiative – (2min 36sec)

Collaborative Consumption website and video:
Collaborative consumption website —
Video on “Collaborative Consumption” — (2min 32sec) – (you may want to mute the music)
Rachel Botsman on TEDx: The Case for Collaborative Consumption (19min)
Snapshot of examples of collaborative consumption:

Design for Sustainability websites:
Living Principles: A Roadmap for design —
Living Principles for Design Context —


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