In preparation for the workshop, read through the workshop papers that can be downloaded from the agenda page.

Please note that all workshop participants are going to be asked to answer the following four questions during our session on Saturday morning, so please take time to reflect on your responses in advance.

  • 1. Identifying our theories of change:How does social change happen? How do we bring innovations to scale? What are the leverage points?
  • 2. Framing / communication:How do we communicate sustainable consumption? What framings should we use to engage? Who are the target audiences?
  • 3. Innovative business models: What are the innovative business models for sustainable consumption? How do we reframe the business case?
  • 4. Practical cases / Citizen movement activities:Identify the most compelling examples of sustainable consumption best practice? And why are they best practice? Are they hitting mainstream? What are major barriers?You are welcome to leave comments (moderated forum).


  • If you have not already sent them, please send the following information to Joyce Shen at One Earth:1. A 50-word biography for the website and a 150-word biography for a poster.
    2. A sentence of something that might surprise us about your work / interest in sustainable consumption.
    3. A colour photo/headshot of you.
    4. A relevant website links about you and your projects/organizations.
    5. Your cellphone number,
    6. Your arrival and departure time (train/flight information) if applicable.
    7. Any dietary restrictions/preferences you might have.

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